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What's the hernia on this site Don't hesitate to be cured of your hernia
When you see the word "hernia",you might imagine a disk hernia. "Hernia" on this site means inguinal hernia or groin hernia. My specialty is the surgical repairment of adult inguinal hernia.

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Our operations are performed using the tension-free method. Why don't you be cured of the hernia.

"Hernia" means a protrusion of a tissue.
There are many kinds of hernia that can develop in the body.
Inguinal hernia is a protrusion of the peritoneum and the intestine from the groin region.

Do you have these symptoms?

An asymmetry in your groin region (observed by looking down at your groin region while standing in an upright position.
Swelling in your groin region like a ping-pong ball.
Swelling from your groin region and downward in the shape of an eggplant.

  Actually, approximately 80% of hernia patients are male, and 20% are female. The peak age of inguinal hernia onset is in one's 40's and above.
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50 year-old male businessman

  I heard that inguinal hernia is a condition of children, but I (in my 50's) developed a swelling in my low more

28 year-old female housewife

  Recently, I've been feeling a dull pain in my low abdomen.
And I found a small swelling in my more

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