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What's the hernia on this site inguinal hernia Q&A
When you see the word "hernia",you might imagine a disk hernia. "Hernia" on this site means inguinal hernia or groin hernia. My specialty is the surgical repairment of adult inguinal hernia.

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What causes hernia?
Which gender is most likely affected?
What are the symptoms?
Who gets hernia?
What is the treatment?
How about taking medications?
How do we treat infant or elder patients?
What are the problems after surgery?
What should I do while I'm pregnant?
Hernia Q & A

Q. What causes hernia?
A. Some adult hernias are present at birth. But most adult hernias develop as a result of increased pressure of the abdomen and pre-existing or acquired weakness in the abdominal wall. Some medical reports showed that the decrease of the collagen in the connective tissue of the body is considered as one of the causes.

Q. Which gender is more likely?

More common in men about 80% of the adult hernias. Men are more likely to have a weakness along the inguinal canal than women because of the structure of the body. Meanwhile, women are more likely to develop hernias in the femoral canal.

Q. What are the symptoms?

Often you can see and feel the bulge on your groin. The bulge is usually more obvious when you are in the upright position and disappears in the laying position. Pain or discomfort in your groin, especially when you are working or walking long time. You may feel a heavy or dragging sensation in your groin.
In children, sometimes the hernia may be visible only when they are crying, coughing, straining or bathing. So usually the parents find out the bulge during bathing.

Q. Who gets hernia?
A. Most adult hernias result from sudden or repeated pressure from intra-abdominal cavity and weakness of on the abdominal wall muscles. So hard worker, elder people, especially men, the patients after prostatic cancer operation etc.
Some hernias are present at birth.

Q. What is the treatment?

If your hernia is small and isn't bothering you, we recommend a careful watch. But if you feel any uncomfortable symptoms we recommend you a surgical repair. The surgery is the only way to treat your hernia.

Q. How about taking medications?
A. No medication is available for treatment.
The only treatment of the inguinal hernia is surgery.
Recent surgical technics enable you for short hospital stay, safe, low risks of recurrence and minimal physical invasion.

Q. How do we treat infant or elder pateints?
A. We operate 2 year-old patient and above. We can also operate elder patients who have no severe complication.

Q. What are the problems after surgery?
A. A few cases whoes spermatic ducts were obstructed after bilateral surgery were reported. It's no problem in unilateral surgery by a expert surgeon. And also for female.
Recurrence rate of our method is lower than convensional procedure. Actually 1% of recurrence occur.

Q. What should I do while pregnant?
A. We don't operate the pregnant patient who are not emergency case. The inguinal hernia becomes stable during latter half of the pregnant period.
If you have a inguinal hernia, we recommend you to repair the hernia before getting pregnant.

Hernia Q & A
Q. 50 year-old male businessman
I heard that the inguinal hernia is the disease of children, but I (in my 50's) got a bulge on my lower abdomen. If I push the bulge by my hand, it disappears. 
You have most likely the inguinal hernia.
If you feel any pain or discomfortness, we recommend you surgery.

Q. (female) 28 year-old female household
Recently, I'm feeling dull pain in my lower abdomen. And I found a small swelling on my groin. I heard that the inguinal hernia is man's disease. Can a female also get hernia? And I'm planning to start family. Should I get surgery earlier?
20% of adult hernia patients are female, and some of them are young. If you would like to get pregnant, we recommend you to have an operation. Because sometimes the hernia hurt you and the surgery during pregnant is risky.

Q. 35 year-old male shop keeper
I'm standing during my work all day long. Recently I found a bulge in my groin. I'm wondering if it's a hernia. I'm very busy, so I can't take long medical leave. And I'll get married within a year. I don't like to let her know about my hernia. 
The inguinal hernia occur in hard workers frequently. We understand your situation, so we offer you minimum invasive and short stay surgery. The scar will become less obvious as time passes.

Q. 78 year-old retired male
I have a swelling in my groin, it hurt when I cough. But I am old and I have cardiovascular disease and take aspirin every day. Could I have an operation? 
The only way to repair hernia is surgery. The hernia surgery is relatively safe. At first, we evaluate your risk. And if your risk is not so serious, we offer you surgery. Sometimes, we suggest you to stop the antiplattelet drug for several days.
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