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What's the hernia on this site after surgery
When you see the word "hernia",you might imagine a disk hernia. "Hernia" on this site means inguinal hernia or groin hernia. My specialty is the surgical repairment of adult inguinal hernia.

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short hospital stay and early recovery
You can go back home on the same day or the next day.
You can return to your job and usual life within 1 week.
There are some variances, usually you can return to your ordinary life in 2 or 3 days, and you can also do desk work.
The incision is short (4 cm).
You could hardly recognize your incisional scar 1 year after surgery.
How to go back home
On the same day, you can travel within 1 hour ride of any traffic. And, you can also travel anywhere after 24 hours.
Have a bath
You can take a shower on the discharge day, and you can dip the wound in hot bath water 1 week after surgery.
Hospital visit after discharge
Please come to the hospital 1 week after surgery, but it’s negotiable. 
Wound control
It’s not necessary to cover the wound with anything. You can cool down the wound, if it’s painful. 
We’ll give you some tablets of pain killer.
When can you work
You can do desk work or house keeping 3 to 4 days after surgery. 1 or 2 weeks are needed for hard work.
Before Walking: 3 to 4 days rest
Before Jogging: 1 week rest
Golfing: 2 weeks rest
Hard training: 1 month rest
Driving the car
You can drive the car anytime. But the wound is really painful, please don't drive the car. Therefore we recommend you to drive 1 week after the surgery. 
Taking alcohol
You can drink a glass of beer anytime you want. But we recommend you to drink much at least 1 week after the surgery.
Wound swelling
The wound will swell upto 1 week after the surgery. And the swelling will decrease day by day.

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