Privacy policy
This page explains you about our privacy policy. The purpose of this site is to provide some pieces of information about inguinal hernia to the patients who are suffering from hernia and the doctors who are not specialists of hernia. We show you some medical records about our actual patients without their individual information. We got the consent form which allowed to place their medical records on this site. We filed the form in the medical record of each patients and gave the copies to them.
(Citation from website of the Society ofJapanese Gastroenterological Surgery)
  1. Don't use the patient's name, ID, the initial and nick name.
  2. Don't mention the patient's address. But it's allowed to show the province, if it's useful for academical research. (e.g. Kanagawa, Yokohama)
  3. Date is neccesary to know the medical history, so it's allowed to show the date if it doesn't reveal the individual information.
  4. Don't show the speciality, if it's possible to identify the individual.
  5. If the patient was treated in other hospital, don't mention the name and the address of the hospital, But it's allowed if it's neccesary for example the emergecy patient.
  6. About the patient's photo, cover the eyes. In case of eye disease, show just only the eye.
  7. Delete the number of the biopsy, autopsy and medical imagings.
  8. If there are any possibilities to identify the individual, get the consent form from the patient, family, agent or agreement of the ethical board.